Using Social Media The Right Way For Your Business.

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Using Social Media The Right Way For Your Business.

You know the phrase, ‘ if it isn’t on social media, did it actually happen? ‘. In this day and age, that phrase applies to businesses as well. 

Physical stores are cool and all , but putting  your business on social media is indeed the key. It’s like opening a store with millions of prospective clients off the top. Trust me, even the biggest physical stores wouldn’t do that for you.

So here is how to do the social media thing like a pro.

Creating quality content 

No one wants to engage with a snoozefest page with little or no content, so get creative.

It doesn’t have to be the biggest things or award winning digitals (It would help to have good digitals though), but have at least one thing on social media everyday – That is, at very least.

People like relatable and consistent content. It doesn’t matter if it is inspiration quotes, fun things, trending things or outfits of the day. Just make sure when people get to your page each day, they take something away.

Using micro influencers 

That money you have been saving up to get that certain celebrity to shout your business out. My sister, save it and put it in your business instead, because micro influencers are just as effective.

The term micro influencer is quite relative. To some, it is individuals with about 10k followers on social media, to some it is way less or way more. Regardless, micro influencers are an engagement goldmine. 

This is in no way disputing celebrity influence or influencers, but the thing is people want to see people that are like them. 

It is basically an, ‘If they can, I can too’ , phenomenon. 

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads on social media could more or less be tiring to see as a consumer.

Nobody wants to see a post over and over again. So like every other form of advertisement, make it interesting. 

Interest equals engagement and engagement equals sales . So ask questions, tell your consumers to make choices, do polls. Don’t stick to promoting a wry picture of your product with a subpar caption and complain sponsored ads don’t work.

It does work, just make a little more effort.


Now, you have the followers you so desire on social media. Making physical effrorts to better your brand should be the next step , meaning letting  customers see the brand out and about. 

Take part in trade exhibitions and conferences, organize product launch parties. Humanize your brand a little , people love to see it. 

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Social media is very powerful marketing tool, let’s take advantage of this power and put it to use.

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