So You Got Plans For A Popup Phop…Now What?

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3rd September 2019

So You Got Plans For A Popup Phop…Now What?

A popup shop is basically any temporary set up shop for a brand. Although everything about popup shops scream temporary, the impression it leaves on customers could be a rather permanent one .

A popup shop could be seen as a little window that gives people a glimpse to your brand. 

For some it could be the first time being introduced to your brand, for others it might be the first time they are opportune to try your brand. As a result , your popup shop should be a clear representation of what your brand stands for, and should be taken seriously.

Popup shops could be the boost your business so needs. Here is how make the most of your popup shop.

    Create the hype

 No one can push you like you. You know

your brand, what it means to you and how it could be helpful to people. So spread the word, sensitize the people, make it known. 

Also, be dynamic with it. It is not enough to put up a flyer and be one and done. Make fun social media posts, give sneakpeaks of what to expect, do giveaways. 

In all, do your best to get your customers engaged.

              Have a checklist 

Remembering every single detail isn’t everyone’s strong suit, even if it is, it doesn’t hurt to have a contingency.

Checklists save lives , so write down every single thing you need to do for this event and make a detailed list.

It might seem stressful, but it is sure better than spending unnecessary time rectifying omissions.

To prevent holes in your plan make a checklist.

     Pay attention to hiring help

It is easy to be dismissive when it comes to hiring help, but make no mistakes popup shop staffs are important too. For some people, it is a first impression of your brand and no one wants to rock with a brand whose staffers were an absolute nightmare. 

Hire qualified people (qualification is subjective) and educate them on the ways to handle situations courteously. It is important for people to get a positive feeling about your popup shop and in this day and age , feeling is everything.

         Take lots of photos

After it’s all said and done you should have pictures, lots of them.

It also helps to have props, nothing too fancy, just something to indicate your brand in the photo ops. It could be something as basic as the shopping bags or as serious as a photo booth.

These pictures help to further put your brand out there.

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